I have always been a fan of the home made gift or card – I love the fact that people spend time creating something special just for you, that doesn’t have a match in the whole world.  So I love to make stuff for people – I’m sure at times I’ve missed the mark and the recipient has looked at it and thought ‘what was she thinking’ but I hope at least that they appreciated the effort that went into it.  However, I noticed that more and more I was buying stuff from craft stores (particularly the one with the blue and yellow logo) and given that they like to turn a profit, they were definitely selling the same stuff to lots of other people too.  So my stuff wasn’t original any more.  Plus it was getting very expensive.

So I took a resolution, I would continue to make as many gifts and cards as I could but I would buy as little as possible.  I was instead going to use as many bits, bobs, odds, ends and miscellaneous stuff as possible.  It serves a number of purposes

  • my stuff will be truly original, hopefully in a good way
  • it will be an awful lot cheaper (and although I never regret jacking in my job to follow my dream of professional photography, I have to face the fact that I don’t have the money that I used to have) 
  • I will use up stuff that I have been hoarding and revel in all the newly created space
  • I will use up stuff that doesn’t have any other use and would otherwise eventually end up in landfill.  OK, it might still end up in landfill eventually but at least it will have experienced a bit of love from someone on the way there.

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