Newborn Photography Props



Ah it has been a busy few weeks crafting wise – we have decided to launch a whole new newborn photography product at our studio for babies under 10 days old – real early moments stuff. And so in order to create the look I want I need lots of new props. There is some fabulous stuff on Etsy you can buy but unfortunately I believe the popular phrase is ‘budgetary constraints’! So I’ve been raiding my fabric and wool stash, buying unfinished pieces and shabby chic-ing them like crazy. I’m just in love with this newborn bed plus quilt, I bought the bed plain on eBay – from seller eprops who was just lovely – and stained, painted and distressed it. (You do wonder about your sanity when you spend god knows how long sanding bits off the lovely paint finish you’ve just spent two days achieving!). The fabric for the quilt was fat quarters also from eBay and there was plenty enough left to make the bunting and the little flowers which will be attached to a headband when my elastic arrives (yes, you guessed it, eBay again – I may have an addiction). Lots more to come though, going to spend the afternoon learning to crochet as there is some more fab stuff that I want to make and I have plenty of wool to play with. I blame my mother, I know she can do it but she never taught me. We will be having words!


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