Moving On…

So in the blog world, as in life, things move on… OK, enough of the faux philosophy 🙂

I’ve had so many different lines of thought regarding blogging, crafting, life, finances, future, life, the universe and everything over the past few months that I realised that I was in danger of thinking too much and actually doing nothing.  This is evidenced by the fact that my last post was 9 months ago.  It’s all well and good having a head full of ideas and ambitions, but if you don’t do anything about them, it’s all for nought.  So I’ve finally decided to make a commitment and open an Etsy store and see where that takes me.

So I’m going to end my ‘CraftingFromScraps’ journey here and move everything over to my new blog which reflects my WantItEverSo store.  I’d love you to come with me and join me there.  It won’t just be a sales blog, although obviously there’ll have to be a bit of that to try and get some interest and, dare I say it, sales from my store.  I’ll still post ideas, tutorials, trends and general stuff as it occurs but I think this new blog, along with my new found commitment and focus, will be more sustainable.  Time will tell I guess…

So goodnight from here… and [click to continue]


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