Fairy costumes finally revealed!

Been sitting on this for a while , waiting for our newest endeavour to launch


So spent a lot of time trying to work out how I could afford unique fairy costumes and decided that the upshot was that I could not. So lots of head scratching later, here is the result. Have made a few now and am taking them into the studio to photograph later this week but this is the prototype.

A life full of fairies, could there be anything better?


One Lovely Blog Nomination

Thanks to Remynisce for nominating Crafting From Scraps for this award – it was a lovely start to the day to find that in my inbox!  Her blog is full of little gems that show her unique view on life and encourage you to think about yours, well it certainly did for me and I’ll be a regular visitor from now on.

Okay now for the rules of acceptance:

-Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.

-Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.

-Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.

-Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them.

Seven Things

1. My son was born hungry which surprised the midwife greatly as well as myself as I was flat out on the operating table at the time.  He is 10 now and skinny as a rake but still seems to be permanently hungry.

2. Hand on heart, I still believe in fairies.  Yes I know its childish but I can’t seem to shake the belief.

3. Paradoxically, I think people who believe in aliens and UFOs are being silly.

4. Lately when I’ve been playing my husband at racquetball, I’ve really started to mind losing.  This is relevant only because I have lost pretty much every day for the last three years and I enjoy playing so it has never bothered me.  I know not where this new competitive streak has come from.

5. I pretended to be a bit cross with my son for knocking over and breaking an ornament in our bathroom when secretly I was quite pleased as I have never liked it but it was a gift so I felt beholden to display it.

6. If I see a doll or stuffed toy in a position that I think looks uncomfortable, then I have sit them back up in case they can feel it.

7. I love my two golden retrievers very much and wouldn’t see them hurt for anything but I fantasise daily about shaving them so I wouldn’t have to be permanently hoovering.

There you go, quite cathartic actually…

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Competition Win

Oh my word, I never normally enter competitions but I am part of the BzzAgent word of mouth marketing thing and signed up to a campaign for a new range of sanitary protection (oh yes it is all very glamorous!) and there was a competition called ‘show us your knickers’. You just have to decorate a pair of knickers however you would like and send in a photo.

I didn’t really pay it much mind until I was rifling around in my craft stash and saw a box of ribbon and bead flowers I have had kicking around for ages and that started me thinking. In idle moments, where I am sure I was supposed to be something else, I came up with ‘the lady garden’.

My husband raised an eyebrow when he came in to find me gluing flowers onto my knickers but he was ok once he realised I wasn’t planning on entering the world of exotic dance. So I sent in the photo and thought no more of it Neil I had an email from the very fabulous people at Halo saying I had won for April and the prize was £500 Tesco vouchers!

I am so over the moon, it really feels that the universe (and of course the lovely people at Halo and Tesco) has done a very kind thing for us today keeping us all well fed for the weeks to come and without being too corny, I feel very lucky. Just thought I’d share – below ‘the lady garden’


Newborn Photography Props



Ah it has been a busy few weeks crafting wise – we have decided to launch a whole new newborn photography product at our studio for babies under 10 days old – real early moments stuff. And so in order to create the look I want I need lots of new props. There is some fabulous stuff on Etsy you can buy but unfortunately I believe the popular phrase is ‘budgetary constraints’! So I’ve been raiding my fabric and wool stash, buying unfinished pieces and shabby chic-ing them like crazy. I’m just in love with this newborn bed plus quilt, I bought the bed plain on eBay – from seller eprops who was just lovely – and stained, painted and distressed it. (You do wonder about your sanity when you spend god knows how long sanding bits off the lovely paint finish you’ve just spent two days achieving!). The fabric for the quilt was fat quarters also from eBay and there was plenty enough left to make the bunting and the little flowers which will be attached to a headband when my elastic arrives (yes, you guessed it, eBay again – I may have an addiction). Lots more to come though, going to spend the afternoon learning to crochet as there is some more fab stuff that I want to make and I have plenty of wool to play with. I blame my mother, I know she can do it but she never taught me. We will be having words!

Crafting from Scraps – my life…

It occurs that crafting from scraps is a bit of a metaphor for my every day life. Now that sounds a bit Oliver Twist miserable and I don’t mean it that way – I’m very happy but I’m always trying to stretch things a bit further, get a bit of extra life out of things etc .

Along these lines, I regularly participate in surveys for a few companies and I’m also part of Bzzagent which means that I get to try products for free and then tell people about them as part of word of mouth marketing. It gives me a chance to try out products before I buy and I like to share so I thought I’d tell you about the latest campaign for Activia Pouring Yoghurt. With the campaign, you get a voucher for a free box and I chose to go and pick up the vanilla flavour. I tried it on cereal in the morning and it was very tasty and creamy. I think I used a bit too much in relation to the cereal the first time as I poured it as though it was milk and that meant that I had a lot of yoghurt left at the end of the cereal but the next day I got the balance right. I don’t actually like milk which means that I never get to eat cereal although I do quite like it (well I do sometime just eat it out of the box but I’m not sure you’re supposed to admit to that or not). Plus it cuts out the easiest breakfast option and means that I don’t always bother with it (OK I know it’s not hard to make toast but sometimes I’m just in too much of a rush) so for me the Activia pouring yoghurt really fills a need. It means that I can grab a quick and tasty breakfast, plus it offers extra benefits in terms of digestive health. I haven’t been using it long enough to establish whether I can feel any benefit in that regard but, for me, it is worth it even without that. If you like the sound of trying out products for free, then you can visit www.bzzagent.co.uk to find out more (it’s free to register and take part)

Claire Squires…

Claire Squires died during the London Marathon raising money for the Samaritans.  From this tragedy though has come something quite amazing, her JustGiving page is flooded with donations with over half a million raised to date.  Click here to visit and donate. Small consolation for those that loved,her but a reminder of how wonderfuand generous people can be.

In the spirit of recycling…

Not crafting I grant you but just came across this website and thought  I’d share in case there are more of you out there that spend far more than they can afford on books.  OK, I go to the library but I am very weak willed when it comes to book shops and I always want more than I can afford when I look in them.  So this is groovy – helping the environment and your pocket at the same time.  Plus you can sell your books there too so it might work out to be a good alternative to eBay for book sales (always find I don’t get much for mine on there).



I have always been a fan of the home made gift or card – I love the fact that people spend time creating something special just for you, that doesn’t have a match in the whole world.  So I love to make stuff for people – I’m sure at times I’ve missed the mark and the recipient has looked at it and thought ‘what was she thinking’ but I hope at least that they appreciated the effort that went into it.  However, I noticed that more and more I was buying stuff from craft stores (particularly the one with the blue and yellow logo) and given that they like to turn a profit, they were definitely selling the same stuff to lots of other people too.  So my stuff wasn’t original any more.  Plus it was getting very expensive.

So I took a resolution, I would continue to make as many gifts and cards as I could but I would buy as little as possible.  I was instead going to use as many bits, bobs, odds, ends and miscellaneous stuff as possible.  It serves a number of purposes

  • my stuff will be truly original, hopefully in a good way
  • it will be an awful lot cheaper (and although I never regret jacking in my job to follow my dream of professional photography, I have to face the fact that I don’t have the money that I used to have) 
  • I will use up stuff that I have been hoarding and revel in all the newly created space
  • I will use up stuff that doesn’t have any other use and would otherwise eventually end up in landfill.  OK, it might still end up in landfill eventually but at least it will have experienced a bit of love from someone on the way there.

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