Naturally Powered!


More Bzzagent-ing, where I get to try a product for free in return for taking part in word of mouth marketing campaigns. This time I’m trying Naturally Powered Washing Powder which is part of a new range of environmentally-conscious cleaning and laundry products from Tesco that aims to offer great performance as well as a clearer conscious through the use of less chemicals and recyclable packing. So you can use an eco product without having to dip on performance. I was a bit sceptical to be honest, as I love to use eco friendly products but I have had to swap back to your standard products a few times as they just didn’t really quite do the job. For example I used to use the washing balls that you can get which mean that you didn’t use washing powder at all, but (and I don’t know if I have a particularly grubby family) it just wasn’t getting stuff clean. Same with some chemical free kitchen cleaners. Still having tried the washing power from Naturally Powered, I can honestly say that I haven’t noticed any difference from my normal washing powder (which is Sainsburys Non-Bio at the moment) so if I’m using less chemicals, that must be a good thing. Plus, as an added bonus, on the only sunny day in I don’t know how long, I am natually powered drying outside as well!


Crafting from Scraps – my life…

It occurs that crafting from scraps is a bit of a metaphor for my every day life. Now that sounds a bit Oliver Twist miserable and I don’t mean it that way – I’m very happy but I’m always trying to stretch things a bit further, get a bit of extra life out of things etc .

Along these lines, I regularly participate in surveys for a few companies and I’m also part of Bzzagent which means that I get to try products for free and then tell people about them as part of word of mouth marketing. It gives me a chance to try out products before I buy and I like to share so I thought I’d tell you about the latest campaign for Activia Pouring Yoghurt. With the campaign, you get a voucher for a free box and I chose to go and pick up the vanilla flavour. I tried it on cereal in the morning and it was very tasty and creamy. I think I used a bit too much in relation to the cereal the first time as I poured it as though it was milk and that meant that I had a lot of yoghurt left at the end of the cereal but the next day I got the balance right. I don’t actually like milk which means that I never get to eat cereal although I do quite like it (well I do sometime just eat it out of the box but I’m not sure you’re supposed to admit to that or not). Plus it cuts out the easiest breakfast option and means that I don’t always bother with it (OK I know it’s not hard to make toast but sometimes I’m just in too much of a rush) so for me the Activia pouring yoghurt really fills a need. It means that I can grab a quick and tasty breakfast, plus it offers extra benefits in terms of digestive health. I haven’t been using it long enough to establish whether I can feel any benefit in that regard but, for me, it is worth it even without that. If you like the sound of trying out products for free, then you can visit to find out more (it’s free to register and take part)

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