Wine Bottle Gift Bag Instructions

Well my shiny new silk turned up today and it is just the most gorgeous colours, which matched in perfectly with the peacock feathers.  The photos don’t really capture the colour all that accurately as it is a particularly dim and dingy day but I’m sure you are well aware of what a peacock feather looks like so just imagine that!

Anyway, I was using a different colour for the inside than the outside but obviously it would work just as well with just using two squares/circles of the same fabric…

Cut two circles (one of each colour in my case) 10cm in diameter (this followed a  lot of frantic measuring in my kitchen to find something that was the right size, ramekin to the rescue!).  Cut two squares (again one in each colour for me) 33cm wide and 34cm tall.   See picture 1.

Pin the base to the shortest edge of the rectangle, being careful not to ‘pinch’ the rectangle. Picture 2.

Stitch round where you’ve pinned and turn right side out. Picture 3.

With right sides together, stitch the two remaining short edges of the fabric together. Picture 4.

Fold so the long edges are together, stitch along the length leaving a couple of edges open on the part of the fabric that will be on the inside so you can turn it through. Stitch the opening closed.  Picture 5.

In my case, I wanted to add the peacock feather embellishment  which I did by just using tiny stitches along the stem and then just drawing the fabric over the bottom of the feather to hold it firm and hide the edge.

Add a bottle and a ribbon and there you go! I was so pleased with the results that I used up most of my silk in making four bags – that way I will always have one handy and it is so much easier to make in batches than start from scratch.  Lots of other ideas for variations on a theme going on in my  head – no doubt more experiments are to follow!


This Year’s “Thing”…

Every year I seem to have a “thing” – that is a repeated gift or item that gets remade for pretty much anyone I know.  This year’s thing has come about by accident really whilst looking to dress up a bottle of wine as a gift as something a bit more special (it occurs that I spend a lot of time doing this).  So wine bottle gift bags take their place as this year’s thing.  I particularly like the idea that they can be regifted by the person  you give it to, seems like a very green and practical thing to do.  I know some people don’t like regifting but I don’t have much of a problem with it, well certainly less of a problem with it than with things lying around useless at the backs of cupboards.

So the first two, pictured together, are quite sensible as they are for my Dad’s birthday and all his wrapping is on a silver, red and black theme.  Both are made of scraps of material left over from other projects.  The second one (the bunny) is notably less sensible.  I’ve made a few of these for Easter.  These are made from a cheap fleece blanket from Tesco – and I’ve still got quite a lot left over to play with.  I’m quite intrigued by the idea of making different shaped gift bags and so I’ll be experimenting with this throughout the year. 

I have cheated a bit though and ordered some quite luxurious silk fabric and some short peacock feathers to make some really fancy ones for people’s birthdays but it was only a metre of fabric, I should have plenty left over, and lots of other excuses to justify why I couldn’t resist 🙂 Well if you don’t buy some new stuff, you can’t have scraps to craft from.  Photos to follow once my pretty things


Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts

I like to be early with making my gifts so I don’t have any last minute panics although I have say that I was a bit earlier than intended as I thought Mother’s Day was in March!  Turns out it is on the 3rd April.  But anyway, fortune favours the prepared and so these are my handmade gifts for that special occasion. 

I should explain that Mother’s Day has never been a big gift occasion in our family, we love to spend time with each other but the gift is more of a token thing.  So there isn’t a lot of extravagance required.  So I decided to give the gift of sugar this year.  Although I thought, rather than just give sweets in a bag, I would dress them up a bit and decided it would be sweeter (excuse the pun) to give them in jars.

I had a couple of large glass jars kicking around that used to have crocus bulbs in them that I have never used since and the pink and white spotty fabric was part of a very big Freecycle fabric haul.  I also had some ribbon off some Christmas gifts and some little flowers that were in a card making kit that one of my kids never used.   To complete the set, I made some matching cards using some wedding invitation samples that I had picked up ages ago.  Hence the front is totally covered by the fabric (to hide where it says wedding invitation).

I don’t have a lot of craft hardware but one thing I did invest in years ago was a Sizzix machine and a tag die which has been invaluable.

So if I’m being honest, this post just demonstrates that I’m all about dressing up something inexpensive so it looks better than it is. Time spent together has to be worth more than an expensive gift but a little effort in presentation also goes a long way – an early Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

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