Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts

I like to be early with making my gifts so I don’t have any last minute panics although I have say that I was a bit earlier than intended as I thought Mother’s Day was in March!  Turns out it is on the 3rd April.  But anyway, fortune favours the prepared and so these are my handmade gifts for that special occasion. 

I should explain that Mother’s Day has never been a big gift occasion in our family, we love to spend time with each other but the gift is more of a token thing.  So there isn’t a lot of extravagance required.  So I decided to give the gift of sugar this year.  Although I thought, rather than just give sweets in a bag, I would dress them up a bit and decided it would be sweeter (excuse the pun) to give them in jars.

I had a couple of large glass jars kicking around that used to have crocus bulbs in them that I have never used since and the pink and white spotty fabric was part of a very big Freecycle fabric haul.  I also had some ribbon off some Christmas gifts and some little flowers that were in a card making kit that one of my kids never used.   To complete the set, I made some matching cards using some wedding invitation samples that I had picked up ages ago.  Hence the front is totally covered by the fabric (to hide where it says wedding invitation).

I don’t have a lot of craft hardware but one thing I did invest in years ago was a Sizzix machine and a tag die which has been invaluable.

So if I’m being honest, this post just demonstrates that I’m all about dressing up something inexpensive so it looks better than it is. Time spent together has to be worth more than an expensive gift but a little effort in presentation also goes a long way – an early Happy Mother’s Day to you all!


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