Renovating a Wine Crate

During a bout of serial decluttering, I found an wooden wine crate in the shed being used to store some odd sheets of sandpaper.  I decided that it was far too pretty for that purpose so stole it out and brought it indoors for a makeover.  This was ideal as a project to use some more of my lovely tin of teak coloured varnish, plus during the shed clear out I had also found some decorative wooden mouldings which were crying out for a purpose. 

So first off I gave it a light sanding and pulled out the loose nails in the top.  In a perfect world, I would have been able to line it with burgundy velvet and a little upholstsery padding but it isn’t a perfect world and I don’t have either of those things so  I settled for some burgundy paint which was left over from our hallway. 

I then glued on two of the decorative wood motifs on either short end, because I didn’t have a clamp, I had to glue one and then balance the box on its end with a very large gardening book to provide some weight until the glue set – didn’t look very professional but seemed to do the job!

It took four or five coats of the teak varnish on the outside to build up a decent colour and finish as the original wood was unfinished and so was just soaking it all up for the first couple of coats but I think it was worth the extra effort as the final finish looks really good quality – I’m not sure you really get the full effect in the photograph, but take my word for it.  Or don’t.  You have a mind of your own obviously.

Then just to tidy up the inside edge and to give a nod to the whole lining with velvet plan I did have some burgundy velvet ribbon kicking around so I just glued that around the inside.  The plan for the finished crate is to be the container for my parents Christmas Eve hamper as I won’t be seeing them on Christmas Day this year so it has gone up to the loft to lurk until I’m ready to put it all together. I’ll post photos when I do…

At the same time, I also took care of another sorry looking picture frame, adding the last two decroative wood motifs (lord only knows what I bought them for originally but I am very happy they have a purpose as they were far too pretty to be skulking around in the shed) and lots of coats of – yes you guessed it – teak varnish.  This one has a Christmas plan too, it will be for my in-laws and will contain a picture of all of our kids – it will take about a year to get them all in the same place at the same time so it is worth starting early on this one!

What next… more shed pillaging I think, seems to be some interesting stuff knocking about in there…


Renovating a Picture Frame

It was my birthday recently and I was very lucky to receive some lovely presents, plus one very lovely card from my mum and dad.  For some reason, it just tickled me and I thought it was too good to just put away.  The style of it I thought would sit very nicely with my bureau.  So I had a root around in the loft and found an old empty picture frame.  It was quite sorry looking but it was in a pine that was only lightly finished so that made it perfect for my purposes.  It was also quite a lot larger than the card which was good as I thought it would look a lot smarter with a mount around it.

Further rooting around, this time in the shed, yielded a tin of teak coloured satin varnish so a quick sanding down of the frame and about four coats later the frame was ready.  I was happy with this but it still needed the mount and I was all set to pop over to Hobbycraft and get myself some mountboard (through work I am blessed to have a mount board cutter which lets me do lovely bevel edge mounts).  Then I reminded myself that I am supposed to be crafting from scraps and not from stores and so I had a little think and remembered a roll of the wallpaper that hangs behind my bureau which was lurking in the loft.  So back up I scuttled to fetch it.  I cut the mount out with a craft knife but it looked too flat against the card.  So I cut another couple of mount, each 1/2 cm larger than the other, one in the wallpaper and one in a plain white.  Layered together, I think they give it a bit of a lift and make it look much more like a sketch that’s been framed than just a card. 

Anyway, that’s the project for the week, and my tin of teak coloured varnish is still sitting in my kitchen as I loved the effect so much, I’m going to hunt out some other stuff to use it on…

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