Heroes Tin – Decorated Cake Tin

I have been having a bit of a clearout of some seldom used cupboards and came across a Cadbury’s Heroes tin that I have been holding onto from some indefinable purpose.  They are so sturdy and look so useful that I can never bear to throw them out but there is only so many you need in one house.  Plus I haven’t bought these chocolate tins for a few years on account of all of us having no willpower and stuffing the chocolates too quickly so this one must have been sitting for while waiting to fulfil it’s destiny.

So I sat it on the table and thought about what to do with it. I’ve tried painting them in the past but find it scratches quite easily, particularly when you take the lid on and off.  I think this might well be because I don’t have a lot of patience for sanding and always want to skip ahead to the fun part but there you go…

So I decided to cover this one with some gorgeous paper serviettes that I bought for a party in the summer.  But as it was quite a pale colour, I needed to put something underneath so the Heroes part wouldn’t show through.  So I covered it first in just a plain yellow paper serviette that I had kicking around.  You just paint the tin with PVA glue diluted 50 – 50 with water, tear the serviette into strips, and lay it on.  Then you put another coat of the diluted PVA on top.  After that, you just keep adding extra layers until you have the effect that you want (it works with tissue paper too).  When you are done, just give it all a light sanding to smooth down the wrinkles.  In my case, I smoothed out the layers with sandpaper and then added the decorative serviette on top to finish it off. 

The edges do get a little messy so I covered these with some cheap ribbon I bought at a market and then finished off with a bit of leather thong that was attached to some gift set that I received once (honestly the stuff they wrap and pack with in some stores is just far too fabulous to throw away!).  I plan to give this to my mother-in-law for her birthday filled with home made cupcakes (on which I solemnly promise to do proper pretty icing rather than just slap it on there and hope for the best which is what I usually do).  Once these are eaten, then she can use it for a biscuit tin or whatever…

Got a bit into the whole thing and covered an empty golden syrup tin as well which I will punch a couple of holes in the bottom and plant in some crocus bulbs or something for a little indoor flower display (also for my mother in law as she is a lover of pot plants and her birthday is in December so will work out about right for a few little yellow crocus bulbs).


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