Peacock Feather Fairy Wand


Oh dear, a mad busy week with a very cool project on the go. Not quite ready to be able to share it yet but have high hopes that it will be fabulous (and it really needs to be!). But as part of it, here is a picture of one of the props – a peacock feather fairy wand. It will have matching fairy wings as well but they aren’t quite finished (waiting on delivery from eBay again) so I can’t show those although they are coming along nicely. I can’t take the credit for that though, there are so many lovely people on the internet who share their talents and ideas and show you how to make all this stuff, I’ve watched far too many tutorials to list them here but I am very grateful to everyone who shares.

The wand stick is the stick of the artificial beaded flower (there was a spray of 4 for 99p in a shop in Crawley), the peacock feather is left over from some gift bags I made earlier in the year and the gold fabric is just some scrappy stuff I’ve had kicking about. The whole thing is shaped around copper wire stripped out from some cable that has been in the shed since our last house and we moved ten years ago! The ribbons, ditto, well who doesn’t have tons of scrappy bits of ribbon lying about salvaged from cards, clothing tags, wherever (normal people I guess).

Can’t wait to be able to share the new project – will be early in the week. So excited, hope you all join me for the ride 🙂


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